Full name is Wytwomia Sprzetu Komunikacyjnego "PZLMielec" SA. The Transport Equipment Manufacturing Centre (WSK) at Mielec was the largest of the Polish pre- Second World War aircraft factories, having been founded in 1938. Postwar, it built Soviet MiG-15 fighters under license until 1959. Decline in fighter orders led to development of the TS-8 Bies two-seat aerobatic trainer (first flown 1955) and the TS-111skra jet trainer (1960). Nearly 12,000 Russian (now Ukrainian) Antonov-designed An-2 biplane transports built in several versions since 1960. Design office formed for M-15 Belphegor three-seat and turbofan-powered agricultural aircraft (1973) and M-17 two/three-seat light aircraft. I-22 Iryda advanced jet trainer and light attack aircraft first flew March 1985, and small number joined Polish Air Force, along with several M-93K derivatives, but production terminated in 1997; upgrade to modified M-96 standard was planned. Production of M18 Dromader agricultural aircraft continues, with some 700 production aircraft built in several versions since 1979. Production also continues of the M20 Mewa, first flown 1979 as development of U.S. Piper PA-34-200T Seneca II. Antonov An-28 transport built since 1984, more recently in M28 Skytruckform; larger development expected to be certificated in 1999 as M28.03 or 04 Skytruck Plus. M26 Iskierka piston trainer first flew in 1986 and entered production in 1995. Tampico Club TB 9 built under Socata contract. See also PZL.

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