Avro 503 / Type H


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Avro 503 / Type H

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Graham Summers, e-mail, 18.02.2009 15:21

The Avro 503 was a development of the earleir Avro 501. it was powered by a 100 h.p. Gnome and was initially known as the Type H. it was a slightly larger version of the Avro 501 and featured less of a overhang on the mainplane and no inclined struts.
The prototype of the Avro 503 first flew from Avro's facility at Shoreham on 28 May 1913. Following a demonstration flight in front of the Inspector of Naval Aircraft an order for three was placed for the RNAS. Surprisingly the prototype was bought by the German government and became the first aircraft to fly almost 40 miles (64km) across the North Sea from Wilhelmshaven to Heligoland.

Span (upper) 50ft 0in
Span (lower) 47in 0in
Length 33ft 6in
Height 12ft 9in
Wing Area 567 sq ft
Unladen Weight Unknown
Max Take Off Weight 2,200lb
Maximum Speed 50 mph
Initial climb rate 225ft /min


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