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Avro 510

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Avro 510A three-view drawing (800 x 794)

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The Avro 510 was originally designed for the 1914 Circuit of Britain Race, which never took place due to the outbreak of WW-I. Six were acquired by the Royal Navy, but they did not prove successful for military operations. However, during 1916 the Royal Naval Air Service introduced the large "Coastal-Type" non-rigid patrol airship, for which the control cars were fabricated out of two Avro 510 fuselages joined tail-to-tail. The resulting control car had cockpits for four crew members and two engines, one at each end, one mounted as a tractor and the other as a pusher. This arrangement proved surprisingly successful and no less than 35 "Coastal-Type" blimps were completed.


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cool looking plane


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