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Avro 529

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Avro 529A three-view drawing (664 x 662)

 MODELAvro 529
 ENGINE2 x 190hp Rolls-Royce Falcon I water-cooled in-line engines
  Take-off weight2864 kg6314 lb
  Empty weight2150 kg4740 lb
  Wingspan19.20 m63 ft 0 in
  Length12.09 m40 ft 8 in
  Height3.96 m13 ft 0 in
  Wing area85.70 m2922.47 sq ft
  Max. speed153 km/h95 mph
  Ceiling4115 m13500 ft
 ARMAMENT2 x 7.7mm machine-guns

Barry, 16.06.2016 14:39

Developed from the earlier Avro Pike, there were two prototypes built. The first of these was the Falcon powered 529 and the second was the 529A which was powered by a pair of 230 h.p. B.H.P engines. The Falcon powered craft had the engines set midway between the wings as shown in the photo, and the 529A had it's engines mounted on the lower wing ( as shown in the 3view drawing) driving two bladed wooden propellers as opposed to the four bladed examples on the Falcon engine. In addition the 529 had a bomb aimer seated alongside the pilot whilst the bomb aimer in the 529A lay in a prone position in the nose, connected to the pilot by a Gosport tube. Whilst the plane was slightly under powered it flew well but no further examples were ordered or built.
Bomb load 20 x 50 lb bombs


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