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Avro 547

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Avro 547

 MODELAvro 547
 ENGINE1 x 160hp Beardmore
  Take-off weight1362 kg3003 lb
  Empty weight943 kg2079 lb
  Wingspan11.35 m37 ft 3 in
  Length9.09 m30 ft 10 in
  Height4.39 m14 ft 5 in
  Wing area46.27 m2498.05 sq ft
  Max. speed155 km/h96 mph
  Cruise speed134 km/h83 mph
  Range370 km230 miles

Avro 547A three-view drawing (800 x 712)

Barry, 16.06.2016 16:57

There were two prototypes built the first, described above,and the second flown with a 240 h.p. Siddley Puma engine. Featuring an offset cockpit the plane showed general instability and force landed whilst in competition for a British Civil Transport competition in August 1920,and was eventually scrapped. The first prototype was purchased, rather bizarrely, by Qantas who after reassembling on delivery on 2nd March 1921 promptly crashed it in a landing accident not putting it back in the air for another year. It was totally ill suited to "bush flying" and ended it's days as a chicken coup.


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