Avro 636
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Avro 636

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Avro 636A three-view drawing (918 x 826)

 MODELAvro 636A
 ENGINE1 x 680hp Armstrong Siddeley Panther XI
    Take-off weight1781 kg3926 lb
    Empty weight1348 kg2972 lb
    Wingspan10.06 m33 ft 0 in
    Length8.38 m28 ft 6 in
    Height3.53 m12 ft 7 in
    Wing area24.25 m2261.02 sq ft
    Max. speed370 km/h230 mph
    Cruise speed314 km/h195 mph
    Ceiling9754 m32000 ft
    Range467 km290 miles

Barry, 16.06.2016

Designed by the great Roy Chadwick as a fighter trainer there were indeed four and for only of these aircraft built for the Irish Air Corps. The first flight was in 1935 with the Irish taking delivery with their Armstrong Siddeley Jaguar IVC powered version in August of that year. The Irish planes were originally to be designated as Avro 667 but were known throughout it's long service as the 636.

Patrick Fleming, 11.06.2009

The Irish Air Corps used the 636.

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