Avro 707
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Avro 707

Built primarily to carry out extensive research into the behaviour of delta wings at low speeds and to provide information which would be used in the final design of the Vulcan bomber. The first aircraft made its maiden flight at Boscombe Down on 4 September 1949, but was destroyed subsequently in an accident. It was followed by the 707B for low-speed research, two 707A for high-speed research and a dual-control 707C.

Avro 707A three-view drawing (800 x 593)

 MODELAvro 707
 ENGINE1 x Rolls Royce "Dervent 5", 1630kg
    Take-off weight4303 kg9487 lb
    Wingspan10.4 m34 ft 1 in
    Length12.9 m42 ft 4 in
    Height3.53 m12 ft 7 in

Avro 707

Stephanie Lawton, 09.02.2018

Hi my name is Stephanie Lawton, I work as a volunteer Exhibition Officer at the Solway Aviation Museum, Carlisle, Cumbria (Registered Charity) I would like to ask if you would grant me permission to use the tech drawing of the Avro 707, in a display I am putting together for next year

Timothy Potter, 22.03.2016

This aircraft was indeed a small Vulcan but it was designed to flown by children because if they were shot down over enemy territory they would give less information than adults. Unfortunately, a smaller aircraft meant less rooms for ordnance so smaller bombs were used as well as storing some in the cockit.

Bob Lambie, 10.07.2014

I was an instrument fitter with the Royal Australian Air Force and worked on the 707 WD280 at the Research Unit at Laverton. I have since seen her at the Museum at Point Cook

Barrie Blayney, 30.07.2011

Imaging this plane flying next to the Vulcan hich would look amazing!
The Vulcan first appeared in public, at Farnborough, painted ALL WHITE, accompanied by TWO Avro 707s, one painted RED and the otgher painted BLUE. Yes, it was a wonderful sight.

Kevin Morrow, 16.05.2011

Imaging this plane flying next to the Vulcan hich would look amazing!

Aero99, 27.02.2011

This aircraft as stated lead up to the great Avro Vulcan.

Eric West, 31.01.2011

The first 707A WB280 was subsequently loaned to the Royal Australian Air Force in 1956 and flew 203 hours in Australia between 1956 and 1963, ironically, mostly at low speed doing tests on boundary level control. In 1963 it was sold by The Ministry of Supply to a Mr Mallet of Melbourne and displayed in his front garden for many years. I believe he bequeathed it to the RAAF Museum on his death. In any event, it resides at the Museum now, in excellent order

Eric Brett, 04.12.2010

If I remember correctly, at least one of these aircraft had an air intake in front of the tailfin. I attended The Farnborough Air Display in 1952 (the occasion of the break-up of the DH110), when two of these aircraft did a fly-by.

Gawen Taylor, 12.05.2010

This is a request regarding my granddad Kenneth Taylor who as far as I was aware worked with AVro for many years, at the Chadderton plant. If anyone knows of a way for me to find out more of what he did (I know he was a Chief Flight Test Engineer) I would be most grateful?

SIMON HOLDEN, 08.05.2008

These aicraft were built at Woodford in Cheshire and I recall them regularly flying over our house in Mobberley. One day sometime in the early 1950's a group of 4, 2 Vulcans, 1 707B and 1 707C passed overhead and the vibes nearly shook the house down. The noise was incredible. It was a magnificent sight.

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