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Avro 561 / 563 Andover

Similar in many respects to the Aldershot, the 561 Andover was produced to fly the RAF's Cairo-Baghdad air service. Accommodation was for 12 passengers, or stretchers as an air ambulance. Only three built. A commercial version, produced as the 563, was the first Avro aircraft to be produced specially for airline service on main routes. Only one built. This was subsequently operated by Imperial Airways on its cross-Channel services. Both versions powered by one 485kW Rolls-Royce Condor III engine.

Avro 561 / 563 AndoverA three-view drawing (800 x 729)

 MODELAvro 561
 ENGINE1 x 650hp Rolls-Royce Condor III
  Take-off weight5221 kg11510 lb
  Empty weight3169 kg6986 lb
  Wingspan20.73 m68 ft 0 in
  Length15.62 m51 ft 3 in
  Height4.65 m15 ft 3 in
  Wing area98.66 m21061.97 sq ft
  Max. speed177 km/h110 mph
  Ceiling4115 m13500 ft
  Range741 km460 miles

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