Avro 566 Avenger


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Avro 566 Avenger

Aerodynamically one of the cleanest fighter biplanes of its era, the Avenger, designed as a private venture by Roy Chadwick, was first flown on 26 June 1926. Of wooden construction with fabric skinning, the Avenger was initially flown with a 525hp Napier Lion VIII engine, but no order was obtained, and, in May 1928, the aircraft was modified for racing purposes. It was fitted with equi-span wings of 8.53m, streamlined I-type interplane struts, ailerons on both upper and lower wings, and a 553hp Lion IX engine. In this form it was redesignated Avro 567 Avenger II. Various progressive developments were proposed, but none saw fruition, and the Avenger was dismantled for use as an instructional airframe in 1931.

Avro 566 AvengerA three-view drawing (600 x 470)

 MODELThe following data
  Take-off weight1460 kg3219 lb
  Empty weight1074 kg2368 lb
  Wingspan9.75 m32 ft 0 in
  Length7.77 m26 ft 6 in
  Height3.12 m10 ft 3 in
  Max. speed290 km/h180 mph

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