Avro 641 Commodore


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Avro 641 Commodore

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Avro 641 CommodoreA three-view drawing (800 x 740)

 ENGINE1 x 240hp Armstrong Siddeley Lynx IVC
  Take-off weight1589 kg3503 lb
  Empty weight1016 kg2240 lb
  Wingspan11.38 m37 ft 4 in
  Length8.31 m27 ft 3 in
  Height3.05 m10 ft 0 in
  Wing area28.52 m2306.99 sq ft
  Max. speed209 km/h130 mph
  Cruise speed177 km/h110 mph
  Ceiling3505 m11500 ft
  Range805 km500 miles

grahamclayton, e-mail, 07.05.2023 10:39

Of the two that ended up in Egypt - I wonder if they were still flying when the Western Desert campaign was taking place during WW2?


Barry, 16.06.2016 18:44

A follow on to the Avro 639 Cabin Cadet, there were only 6 of these five seat cabin biplanes built. The first was delivered on 24th May 1934 and whilst one of two sold in Egypt was taken over by the Egyptian Army Air Force, the two remaining in Britain were impressed into service with the ATA at the beginning of WWII. One was written off in a fatal crash in 1941, whilst the other was struck off charge in 1942.


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