Avro 685 York
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Avro 685 York

The York transport aircraft was developed from the Lancaster bomber. The original prototype first flew in July 1942. The type was intended as an interim transport, pending completion of newer types designed primarily for transport duties. To expedite production the York was designed to incorporate the wings, engines, landing gear and tail unit of the Lancaster. A radically new all-metal square-section large capacity fuselage was introduced. The first prototype was converted to the one-off Mk 2 York, with Bristol Hercules radial engines; and the third prototype Ascalon became Churchill's wartime transport. Production by Avro during 1945-48 included 208 for the world trunk routes of RAF Transport Command. Civil Yorks were built for BOAC (25), British South American Airways (12), Flota Aerea Mercante Argentina (5) and Skyways (3). One additional York was built by Victory Aircraft, Canada.

Yorks of BOAC, independent operators and the RAF flew 3,000 hours during the Berlin Airlift of 1948-49. RAF and BOAC Yorks were withdrawn from service in 1957. Surplus Yorks were used by airlines in the Near East, South Africa and Canada and by the French Navy.

Avro 685 York

 ENGINE4 x Rolls-Royce Merlin XX, 954kW
    Take-off weight31115 kg68597 lb
    Empty weight19069 kg42040 lb
    Wingspan31.09 m102 ft 0 in
    Length23.93 m79 ft 6 in
    Height5.44 m18 ft 10 in
    Wing area120.42 m21296.19 sq ft
    Max. speed480 km/h298 mph
    Cruise speed338 km/h210 mph
    Ceiling7010 m23000 ft
    Range4345 km2700 miles

Avro 685 YorkA three-view drawing (800 x 676)

Peter Long, 02.02.2015

In 1953 I flew in a York of Scottish Aviation from the UK to Canada, with stops at Prestwick, Keflavik, and Goose Bay, for training with the RCAF

Max Moscrop, 24.10.2014

As a 7 year old I flew from nairobi to London .would this have been a york? I know the comet followed in the next year or 3.

Max Moscrop, 24.10.2014

Sorry meant to add this was 1948

Max Moscrop, 24.10.2014

Sorry meant to add this was 1948

Max Moscrop, 24.10.2014

As a 7 year old I flew from nairobi to London .would this have been a york? I know the comet followed in the next year or 3.

Dave Smith, 19.09.2014

In Aug.'51,I & about 40 other APO's flew from Lyneham to Southern Rhodesia for flying training.Outbound York of,I think Lancashire Airways had o'night stops @ Malta,(refuel El Adam),Khartoum,Entebe & Livingstone.On by train to Bulawayo or Salisbury.A/c had just returned from Berlin airlift where everything had been removed to max. cargo so our seats were tubular framed canvas &little soundproofing so, to this day, I can hear the steady drone of 4 Merlins! But we were young & keen so accepted it.Back home 9 months later in a less "basic" York ,of Skyways I think, o'night in Nairobi & Benina. The Merlins never faltered once.

James I. Murdoch, 06.05.2013

I flew in an Avro York from Stansted to Lagos in Nigeria in 1954 with stops at Tripoli and Kano. I think it took three days, it was an awful, noisy flight, I recall the vomit bags were used when air pockets were encountered. Quite an adventure for a youngster though!

denis sutton, 17.02.2012

I flew on this aircraft G-ANVO on the 10/08/1955 from standsted to cyprus (army). still have the pilots info to passengers form now. it was ' scottish airlines ' outward bound we blew an oil pipe on the inner port engine, returned to stansted for a 2 hr. repair then off for a 15.5 hr flight to Cyprus. corr. the noise of those Merlins rang in your ears for 24 hrs after arrival

Paul Willson, 23.10.2011

I have a photograph of a YORK at Mont Joli Quebec circa 1956 when they were being used for DEWline construction in the Canadian north.

D.Langdown, 31.05.2011

My previous message should read 1953 NOT 1973, the year of my first 747 flight London to Sydney.

David Langdown, 31.05.2011

My first long haul flight was on a Skyways Avro York from Ceylon to London back in 1973. Route was Colombo,Calcutta,Bombay,Muscat,Damascus,Beirut,Rome,London.
Allowing for overnight stops at Bombay,Beirut and Rome plus breakdowns, we flew at 8,000 ft all the way. The flight took 6 days. There were 26 passengers and we stopped in 5 star hotels including the luxurious Taj Mahal Hotel in Bombay. Overnight in Beiruit we stayed in the same hotel as Russia's Bulganin and Khruschev who incidentially wanted to drink Vodka with me and my mate. Oh what an amazing experience all paid for by the Royal Navy. I will never forget the constant noise of the engines.

B flewitt, 15.08.2010

I believe the Americans called the York "The three finned,four fanned,aluminum spam can.)

d baker, 21.12.2009

worked as fitter for skyways 1955 when centerfuel tank exspoded one man killed

John Hancocks, 28.11.2009

In 1950 I flew in this aircraft on one of the last BOAC runs to Lagos, Nigeria. The journey took two days and was unforgettable...in Barcelona they had to remove a passenger whose heart had played up while crossing the Pyrenees (unpressurised), next stop Tripoli and a shrapnel shredded terminal...after prolonged run ups we took off for Kano crossing the sahara in broad daylight at 7,000 ft - the air pockets were sensational. Ah, the romance of flight....thank God they replaced them (briefly) with the Hermes!

chris ray, 28.06.2007

Has a model ever been put into praduction, for the avid
If so i would love to hear about it.
Thanks Chris

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