Bristol Brownie
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Bristol Brownie

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Bristol Brownie

 MODEL91 (wood)
 ENGINE1 x 32hp Bristol Cherub I
    Take-off weight395 kg871 lb
    Empty weight227 kg500 lb
    Wingspan10.54 m35 ft 7 in
    Length8.00 m26 ft 3 in
    Height1.98 m7 ft 6 in
    Wing area18.95 m2203.98 sq ft
    Max. speed113 km/h70 mph
    Range161 km100 miles

Brownie II Type 91BA three-view drawing of Brownie II Type 91B (900 x 783)

Simon, 01.06.2013

Did you find any other photographs of the Bristol Brownie?

Tom Castellano, 07.10.2011

Are there any more photos of the this 1926 Bristol Brownie?
I am looking for any pictures or drawings showing the under carriage and rudder actuating mechanisiam.
Thsnk you.

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