Bristol M.1A, M.1B
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 ENGINE1 x 110hp Clerget
    Take-off weight613 kg1351 lb
    Empty weight409 kg902 lb
    Wingspan9.37 m31 ft 9 in
    Length6.20 m20 ft 4 in
    Height2.39 m8 ft 10 in
    Wing area13.47 m2144.99 sq ft
    Max. speed213 km/h132 mph
    Ceiling5182 m17000 ft

Klaatu, 24.04.2011

Went into limited production as the Bristol M.1C. This might have been one of the best fighters of it's day but for the anti-monoplane prejudice of the RFC's General Hugh Trenchard. This plane had the misfortune to bare an unfortunate visual resemblance to the Morane-Saulnier Type N, with which the RFC had such a bad experience that Trenchard simply rejected the Bristol out of hand!

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