Bristol M.1D
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Bristol M.1D

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 ENGINE1 x 140hp Bristol Lucifer
    Take-off weight590 kg1301 lb
    Empty weight431 kg950 lb
    Wingspan9.37 m31 ft 9 in
    Length6.20 m20 ft 4 in
    Height2.36 m8 ft 9 in
    Wing area13.47 m2144.99 sq ft
    Max. speed201 km/h125 mph
    Ceiling6706 m22000 ft

Klaatu, 24.04.2011

A Bristol M.1C modified after World War I as a racing plane, powered by a Bristol "Lucifer" 3-cylinder radial engine. Enjoyed some success on the racing circuit, but the "Lucifer" engine proved to be a dead end.

The photo above clearly illustrates the only real disadvantage to the otherwise-excellent M1 as an operational fighter: the wings obstructed the pilot's downward view!

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