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Short 360

The Short 360 was designed as an enlarged successor to the Short 330, but embodying a number of design alterations. An extra six seats (in two rows) were accommodated by stretching the cabin and deleting the 330's rear loading ramp, and the tail arrangement was changed to a conventional single fin. Like its predecessors, the 360 was aimed at regional and commuter operators, and it sold a creditable 164 examples in that market up until 1991, although it never realized its full potential in the American market. Many examples continue in service, some with their original operators.

Short 360

 MODELShort 360-300
 ENGINE2 x Pratt & Whitney PT6A-67R turboprops, 1062kW
    Take-off weight12290 kg27095 lb
    Wingspan22.8 m75 ft 10 in
    Length21.58 m71 ft 10 in
    Height7.27 m24 ft 10 in
    Wing area42.18 m2454.02 sq ft
    Cruise speed400 km/h249 mph
    Range w/max.payload745 km463 miles

Greg Anderson, 27.10.2010

Ah! Good to see the shed again!

Philippe Merzeau, 28.02.2010

Please, could you give the specifications of this A/C. Pressurized? Takeoff & landing distances, max gross weight (sea level and 9000ft), ...
Philippe Merzeau
Helinka SAC, Peru

Sergio Leal, 04.02.2010

Grupo 7 Air in Portugal has one Shorts 360 that will be ready to work in April for cargo or passengers. If you're interested you can call me.

Ronaldo Pereira, 31.01.2010

Congratulations! I woulb be know the name of the company this aircraft Short-360;i need to make contacts because in a future know beter this model,please send more details about her.Tank you!!

Dave Leeder, 20.12.2009

Im looking for RC plans of this aircraft. If there are any available in PDF form or similar I would be very interested.

Fabio Ortega, 25.07.2009

Please send cargo version details.fuel burn per hour\\
takeoff and landing distance.Operation at 8300 feet altitude,max gross weight.Price.
Cap fabio Ortega
Cargo Express de Colombia S.A

Stecy, 16.03.2009

Please, I need cargo version details asap. Especially the fuel burn per hour. Would you mind providing this for me ?

rex, 17.07.2007

what dose the inside look like ?


Ineed to know prices about this aircraft, I need to fly fro SJO - MIA , daily

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