Sopwith Tabloid
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Sopwith Tabloid

The original Tabloid appeared in 1913 as a civil two-seater but in the following year was selected for military service as a single-seat scout. It therefore became the first single-seat scout anywhere to go into production for military use. From February 1915 a number of Tabloids were fitted with Lewis machine-guns. The type is best remembered as the light bomber which made the first successful British bombing raid on Germany. The Tabloid was powered by a 75kW Gnome Monosoupape engine, giving a maximum speed of 148km/h.

George White, 11.01.2007

A Tabloid was quickly mounted on floats and entered in the 1914 Schneider Trophy - which it handily won. It's turn of speed so demoralised the other dozen or so entries from 6 countries that only one other even bothered to take off. The performance was so convincing that the British military ordered many of these aircraft, which became known as the Sopwith Schneider.

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