Dassault Etendard VI


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Dassault Etendard VI

Intended to meet the NATO requirement for a light tactical fighter, the Etendard VI was flown for the first time on 15 March 1957, three prototypes having been ordered in July 1955. Initially, the first prototype was powered by a 1700kg Bristol Siddeley Orpheus BOr 1 turbojet, but this was later to be replaced by a BOr 3 of 2200kg. Armament consisted of four 12.7mm machine guns and up to 540kg of ordnance could be carried on wing pylons. The second prototype, powered by the BOr 3 from the outset, had enlarged air intakes and an internal armament of two 30mm cannon, and was first flown on 14 September 1957. Both Etendard VIs participated in the NATO Concours at Bretigny-Chateauroux, from which the Fiat G.91 emerged as the winning contender. Construction of the third prototype, which was to have had a 2700kg BOr 12 engine with provision for afterburning and a fully area-ruled fuselage, had been terminated in June 1957. Both prototypes subsequently participated in the Etendard IVM development programme. .

Dassault Etendard VIA three-view drawing (1680 x 1285)

 MODELEtendard VI (second prototype)
  Take-off weight5860 kg12919 lb
  Empty weight3720 kg8201 lb
  Wingspan8.16 m27 ft 9 in
  Length12.40 m41 ft 8 in
  Wing area21.0 m2226.04 sq ft
  Max. speed1116 km/h693 mph

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