Marcel Dassault designed under his original name, Marcel Bloch, before
Dassault M.D.450 Ouragan
M.D.450 Ouragan
Second World War. As Avions Marcel Dassault built the MD 315 Flamant light transport for the Armee de I'Air in 1945. A highly successful line of fighters for France and export
Dassault Mirage III
Mirage III
began with the Ouragan (1949); followed by swept-wing Mystere (1952). Afterburning Super-Mystere (1959) was first European supersonic production aircraft. Etendard naval fighter appeared 1958. Large family of aircraft included Mirage prototype (1956), Mirage
Dassault Mirage IV
Mirage IV
III (1958), Mirage IV supersonic bomber (1959), Mirage V (1967), Mirage Ill/VVTOL strike fighter prototype (1965), F2 interceptor (1966), and G8 variable-geometry prototypes (1967), Mirage F1 (1966), and Milan (1969). Also produced
Dassault Mercure
Mercure airliner (1971) and successful executive Falcon 10 (1970), and 20 (1963) twin jets (originally called Mystere; U.S. production called fan Jet Falcon). Involved in formation of Air-Fouga (Etablissements Fouga), 1956. Dassault acquired majority holding in Breguet Aviation, becoming Avions Marcel Dassault-Breguet Aviation in December 1971.

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