Dassault Falcon 900
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Dassault Falcon 900

Largest member of the Dassault family of business jets, the Falcon 900 tri-jet was announced in May 1983, initially as the Mystere-Falcon 900, to compete with the Challenger and Gulfstream long-range corporate jets. Roll-out of the prototype took place in May 1984 and the first flight took place on 21 September 1984 from Bordeaux-Merignac airfield. DGAC and FAA certification followed in March 1986 and the first customer delivery made in December 1986. Eighty-three had been delivered by the beginning of 1990, all but two for export. The Falcon 900 is aimed at the top-end of the business jet market and the aircraft provides fast comfortable transport for 12-19 passengers in a wide-body cabin over transcontinental ranges. A number of governments have bought Falcon 900s for VIP use including France, Nigeria, Malaysia, Spain and Australia. In September 1987 the Japanese Maritime Safety Agency ordered two specially-adapted long-range maritime surveillance versions of the Falcon 900 fitted with an operations control station, special communications equipment, observation hatches and sonobuoy, marker and flare dropping chutes. The aircraft entered service in September 1989.

 MODELFalcon 900
 ENGINE3 x Garrett TFE731-5AR turbofans, 2041kg each
    Take-off weight20640 kg45504 lb
    Empty weight10240 kg22575 lb
    Wingspan19.33 m63 ft 5 in
    Length20.21 m66 ft 4 in
    Height7.55 m25 ft 9 in
    Wing area49.0 m2527.43 sq ft
    Cruise speed927 km/h576 mph
    Ceiling15500 m50850 ft
    Range7840 km4872 miles

Bob Cupery, 26.08.2010

Question= How many have been built to date and where are they?

Bob Cupery, 26.08.2010

Question= How many have been built to date and where are they?

leo rudnicki, 03.05.2009

Not the L-1011, I've got swine flu

leo rudnicki, 02.05.2009

Engine config., used by B.727, L.1011, DH/HS Trident, Yak 40/42/ Tu-154.Not so bad. DC-10/ MD-11 completely different.

Alan, 11.03.2009

What's Daniel talking about?
Good stall prevention/warning system for a start on this aircraft. What's bad about two inboard mounted engines (No/little yaw on failure) Plus one centre mounted .. no swing at all?!!

rebling, 06.07.2008

errR...how many accidents per year,please?

Daniel, 03.07.2008

STALL sensitive airplane.Engine configuration is bad.

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