Dassault M.D.453 Mystere IIIN


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Dassault M.D.453 Mystere IIIN

The development of a night fighter based on the MD.450 Ouragan day fighter was begun early in the evolution of the latter as the tandem two-seat MD.451 Aladin. It was proposed to install AI Mk 17 or APG 33 intercept radar in the extreme nose, leading to the adoption of lateral intakes. The 11th pre-series Ouragan was completed with the lateral air intakes plus twin 30mm cannon in place of the standard quartet of 20mm weapons, and flown on 24 January 1952 as the MD.450-30-L (signifying 30mm cannon and lateral intakes). Development of the MD.451 was discontinued in favour of an essentially similar two-seat night fighter derivative of the Mystere II designated MD.453 Mystere IIIN, or Mystere denuit. With lateral air intakes and a 2850kg Hispano-Suiza Tay 250 engine, the first of three prototypes ordered was flown on 18 July 1952. No radar was installed and the second and third prototypes were cancelled. The sole Mystere IIIN prototype flown had completed 146 flight tests by December 1953, when the programme terminated, the aircraft subsequently being used to test ejection seats.

Dassault M.D.453 Mystere IIINA three-view drawing (1680 x 1367)

  Take-off weight7335 kg16171 lb
  Loaded weight5915 kg13040 lb
  Wingspan11.62 m38 ft 1 in
  Length12.86 m42 ft 2 in
  Height4.47 m15 ft 8 in
  Wing area31.90 m2343.37 sq ft
  Max. speed1080 km/h671 mph

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