Dassault Mystere IVN


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Dassault Mystere IVN

Developed in parallel with the Mystere IVB as a tandem two-seat night and all-weather interceptor, the Mystere IVN differed from the single-seat fighter in several respects. A 1.4m section was added to the forward fuselage to accommodate a second crew member; internal fuel capacity was substantially increased and provision was made for an APG 33 intercept radar with the scanner above the engine air intake. Powered by a Rolls-Royce Avon RA 7R rated at 4330kg with maximum afterburning, the Mystere IVN had provision for an armament of two 30mm cannon and a retractable rocket pack for 52 unguided air-air rockets of 68mm calibre. The sole prototype was flown on 19 July 1954, by which time it had been decided to discontinue the development programme owing to France's inability to finance the simultaneous development of two night fighters (the other being the Vautour), the insufficient endurance of the Mystere IVN, and the unsuitability of the proposed APG 33 radar.

Dassault Mystere IVNA three-view drawing (1678 x 1383)

  Take-off weight10320 kg22752 lb
  Empty weight7140 kg15741 lb
  Wingspan11.12 m37 ft 6 in
  Length14.92 m49 ft 11 in
  Height4.60 m15 ft 1 in
  Wing area32.0 m2344.44 sq ft
  Max. speed1030 km/h640 mph

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