Hanriot H.115
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Hanriot H.115

After its return to Hanriot's Bourges factory, the H.110 was fitted with a redesigned fuselage nacelle and an uprated Hispano-Suiza 12Xbrs engine offering 690hp. A 33mm APX cannon was mounted in a bulged housing beneath the central nacelle and a four-bladed propeller supplanted the three-blader. With these modifications, the fighter re-emerged as the H.115 and was flown for the first time in April 1934. Further modifications were undertaken by the factory from November 1934, and, in June 1935, the H.115 was submitted to Villacoublay for official evaluation. Flight testing ended on 16 August. At this time it was concluded that, in view of its radical configuration, the H.115 was of no more than academic interest.

    Take-off weight1786 kg3937 lb
    Empty weight1428 kg3148 lb
    Wingspan13.50 m44 ft 3 in
    Length7.60 m25 ft 11 in
    Height2.69 m9 ft 10 in
    Wing area24.00 m2258.33 sq ft
    Max. speed390 km/h242 mph

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