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Hanriot H.232

The H.230.01, service serial H.790, flew for the first time in June 1937. It was an advanced two-seat trainer which had a general resemblance to the H.220 but was of much lighter construction. Power was provided by two 127kW Salmson 6AF-00 engines and its configuration included a short crew canopy faired into the upper decking of the rear fuselage and a conventional . strut-braced tail unit, and the fixed main landing gear units incorporated spatted wheel fairings. During further tests it was decided to introduce considerable dihedral at the wingtips to improve stability, but the H.231.01 which followed in May 1938 had dihedral increased over the whole wing span, and the unusual wingtip arrangement of the modified H.230 was eliminated. Twin fins and rudders were introduced and power increased with 172kW Salmson 6AF engines. The Hanriot H.232.01 reverted to a single fin and rudder and had 164kW Renault 6 Q-o engines plus retractable landing gear. The H.232.02, first flown in August 1938, introduced a redesigned cockpit; it was tested officially between October 1938 and May 1939. The type was then given a twin fin and rudder tail assembly and was flown in this new configuration in December 1939, then redesignated H.232/2.01.

An order for 40 aircraft had already been received from the French air ministry, and this was increased to 57 examples shortly afterwards. By then known as the NC.232/2, they incorporated minor improvements including redesigned rudders and engine cowlings. Full navigational equipment was installed. Only three of a planned total of 25 from the original French order were sent to Finland, and these were not taken into service until the Winter War 1939-40 with the Soviet Union was over. Deliveries to the Armee de I'Air started in February 1940, 35 being taken on charge up to the June 1940 Armistice. The NC.232/2s were,used by the training sections attached to the 51th and 54th Escadres, which were equipped with Breguet 691and 693 attack bombers. Twenty aircraft found on airfields when the German forces occupied Vichy, France, in 1942 were promptly reduced to scrap.

Hanriot H.232A three-view drawing (800 x 550)

Jukka, e-mail, 15.11.2006 01:30

Your info is incorrect.

Two planes were delivered to Finland from Germany of original three.




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