Latecoere 17
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Latecoere 17

The whole France-Brazil Aeropostale route (with the aid of ships from Dakar to Natal) was opened in early 1928. At least two Late 14's were followed by approximately 20 Late 17s. The latter was a single-engined parasol-wing monoplane with a rounded metal fuselage (fabric-covered) accommodating four passengers plus baggage and mail. Most were powered by a 224kW Renault 12Fc engine, although some were fitted with a Gnome-Rhone-built Jupiter.

 ENGINE1 x 280hp Renault 12Fc
    Take-off weight2137 kg4711 lb
    Empty weight1510 kg3329 lb
    Wingspan14.68 m48 ft 2 in
    Length9.62 m32 ft 7 in
    Height3.17 m10 ft 5 in
    Wing area36.00 m2387.50 sq ft
    Max. speed164 km/h102 mph
    Cruise speed132 km/h82 mph
    Ceiling4300 m14100 ft
    Range500 km311 miles

Tomeu, 26.01.2012

Hola amigo,¿tiene alguna foto de François simon Laté-32?

Sunderajan, 30.03.2011

Latcoere 17 was perhaps the aircraft depicted by Antoine De St.Exupery in his "Night Flight"

Jack Russell, Aeromarine West, 01.01.2008

I've been in aviation for quite some time, but only just now came upon the Latecoere 17. One would certainly not call it a "beautiful" AC, however, there IS something about her that has struck a chord in me... I definitely wish to learn more about her. Many thanks for your great website!

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