Friedrichshafen FF 3

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Friedrichshafen FF 3

There is no text information for this aircraft at the moment.

Kees Kort, e-mail, 05.09.2013 19:18

There is no similarity of the monoplane with the Friedrichshafen FF.33 biplane. It is not even a Friedrichshafen design, as the identification FF.3 was never given out.
The actual monoplane here with the single very big central float is the 1912 Hübner monoplane [Eindecker] that participated in the German seaplane competition in Heiligendamm. It had competiton number '6'. Was not successful in the competition.


Cjar;es Haist, e-mail, 15.02.2012 21:33

I can find no external data of the FF 3, however, the FF-33 looks a lot like the picuture of the FF 3. Is the FF 3 nonemclature correct or is this a picture of a FF-33?


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