Henschel Hs 121
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Henschel Hs 121

Henschel's first aircraft, the 121 looked good but flew badly and never made it past the prototype stage

Henschel Hs 121A three-view drawing (1046 x 490)

Barry, 20.05.2016

When the locomotive manufacturer Henschel and Sons branched into aviation they were asked to make a "test" piece, and the Hs 121 was that piece. It was as stated a failure.However, it did not stop them manufacturing aircraft per se.

Power plant 1 x 240 h.p Argus As 10C inverted eight cylinder air cooled in line.
Span 32'10" Length 23'11" Height 9'2" Wing area 150 sq ft
Empty weight 1,670 lb Gross weight 2,110 lb

Maximum speed 173 mph Cruising speed 155 mph
Endurance 2 hours Service ceiling 21,300 ft

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