Henschel's Hs 123 biplane dive-bomber was tested during the Spanish Civil War
Henschel Hs 123
Hs 123
and, though obsolescent, served with the Luftwaffe until 1942 in close-support roles, particularly on the Russian Front. The Hs 126 parasol-wing, two-seat observation/liaison aircraft first entered Luftwaffe service in 1938.
Henschel Hs 126
Hs 126
A twin-engined single-seat close-support and ground-attack aircraft, the Hs 129, was produced in some numbers and used to good effect on the Eastern Front, particularly as a tank-buster. The final
Henschel Hs 129
Hs 129
Hs 129B- 2/R-4 version was armed with a 75 mm cannon. A prototype jet dive-bomber, the Hs 132, was completed but did not fly before the end of the war. The company also experimented with a number of wire-, radio,- and even television-guided missiles.

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