Henschel Hs 124
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Henschel Hs 124

Twin-engined strategic fighter, competing for orders with the Fw 57 and Bf 110. The Hs 124 was bulkier than the Bf 110 and Fw 57. The blunt, glazed nose seated a gunner. For its size the Hs 124 was a agile and fast aircraft, but Luftwaffe requirements were better fulfilled by the Bf 110. Three built.

Henschel Hs 124A three-view drawing (1258 x 628)

Angela, 21.06.2011

but because of a shortage of supply it flew with BMW 132 engines.

, 21.06.2011

Henschel Hs 124

Barry, 12.01.2010

Further to my earlier note the machine illustrated is the V2 powered by BMW 132Dc this model was fitted with 2 20mm cannon in the nose fired by a gunner,although this gun could be fired by the pilot. The V1 (see the 3 view drawing) was powered by 2 Junkers Jumo 210C engines and featured a mock up the proposed 20mm belt fed Rheinmetall Borsig cannon in a flexible turret. The V3 "destroyer" was initially proposed to fly with DB601A engines, but because of a shortage of supply it flew with BMW 132 engines.

Barry, 25.11.2009

This plane was let down by engine and armanent supplies. The 3 examples built were given over to training duties and were able to out dive,turn and roll a Bf109; another case of what if!

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