Horten Ho-II Habicht, Ho-IIM


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Horten Ho-II Habicht, Ho-IIM

Although quite a successful design, the Ho I did not satisfy the Hortens, who destroyed it and replaced it with the Ho II.

The main feature of the new aircraft was that it had sweepback on the wing trailing edges, as well as the leading edges. Four Ho IIs were built, one of which was fitted with a 60kW Hirth engine in 1935. This was tested in 1938 by Hanna Reitsch and attracted the attention of Ernst Udet, Director of the Technical Department of the German Air Ministry, who made funds available for further development. In 1938, with this official backing, the Hortens set up a facility at Berlin's Tempelhof Airport, where they constructed the Ho III sailplane.

Horten Ho-II Habicht, Ho-IIM

 ENGINE1 x Hirth حج60R, 60kW
  Take-off weight450 kg992 lb
  Empty weight330 kg728 lb

Horten Ho-II Habicht, Ho-IIMA three-view drawing (800 x 378)

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CAn you point me in the right direction for diagram blue prints for this glider


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