Junkers Ju 252


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Junkers Ju 252

The Ju 252 was a transport aircraft powered by three 1,051kW Junkers Jumo 211 engines. It had been designed to replace the Ju 52/3m but only 15 were produced.

Barry, 20.05.2016 18:16

So a manufacturer who since their inception had made metal and only metal aeroplanes is told that the replacement for the fantastically successful Ju52 /3m has to be built in wood! That is why only 15 metal built Ju 252's were built.

Span 111'10" Length 82'4" Height 18'10" Wing area 1,320 Sq Ft
Empty weight 28,880 lb Loaded weight 49,560 lb

Maximum speed 272 mph Cruising speed 208 mph
Range 2,470 miles Service ceiling 20,600 ft

Armament 1 x 13 mm MG 131 machine gun in dorsal turret
2 x 7.92 mm MG 15 machine guns in side windows


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