Junkers Ju 352


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Junkers Ju 352

The Ju 352 development was based on wood in order not to use strategic materials. Power was provided by three 894kW Bramo 323R-2 engines. Production of this version totalled 43 or 44.

Junkers Ju 352

Junkers Ju 352A three-view drawing (1000 x 749)

Dave, e-mail, 28.02.2016 18:06

Hi - go to the Boeing B314 'PanAm Flying Clipper' entry to see how and why I was fortunate to fly from Brazil to Africa in early '45 on that incredible machine. The next adventure was just as memorable but not so much fun - crossing the Sahara in a Ju-352. It was mid-1946, I was 7 years old; My medical missionary parents were due for a 1-year furlough. We flew from Kano to Zinder in Piper Cub, then on to Dakar and North Africa across the desert in a Ju-352 tri-motor. The French crew spoke no English and we spoke no French. For several days we flew about 500-600 miles at about 1,500 feet; I could see the palm trees. It was a roller-coaster ride, I was airsick every day. Apparently the pilot flew 'visual' oasis-to-oasis; we stopped at one every night and slept in a guest hut. I was so happy to get to Algiers! Then on to Lisbon and finally New York on a TWA Constellation (I think) with a stopover in Gander. After 70 years the last part of the trip gets a little fuzzy; I must have been sleepy!


Hugo Gutierrez, e-mail, 14.02.2023 Dave

You were very lucky to fly across the desert within site or close to oasis to oasis. Finding an oasis in the middle of The Sahara is no easy task if you are out of sight


Mark, 21.09.2012 14:45


Crew: 3-4
Length: 24.60 m (80 ft 8 in)
Wingspan: 34.20 m (112 ft 2¾ in)
Height: 5.74 m (18 ft 10¼ in)
Wing area: 128.20 m (1,379.90 ft)
Empty weight: 12,500 kg (27,561 lb)
Max. takeoff weight: 19,600 kg (43,216 lb)
Powerplant: 3 × BMW Bramo 323 R-2 Fafnir 9-cylinder radial engine, 735.5 kW, (986 hp,)1,000 PS 883 kW (1,200 PS, 1,184 hp) with MW-50 each


Maximum speed: 370 km /h (230 mph) at 5,050 m (16,565 ft)
Cruise speed: 241 km /h (150 mph)
Range: 1,800 km (1,120 miles)
Service ceiling: 6,000 m (19,685 ft)


Guns: ** 1 x MG 151 cannon in dorsal turret
2 x MG 131 machine guns in side windows


guozhong, 20.06.2011 14:13

The line of this ramp can be seen on the 3 view & hinged aprroximately where the rear side door is located.


Aeronauta, 23.03.2011 20:57

Hi, first of all thank you very much for these excelent internet website! I don't want to say a wrong thing, but I think that the color profile has a mistake: the aircraft represented should be a Junkers Ju 252, the V1, with the Bramo engines, so the version should be the Ju 252C, not the Ju 352.


Ian, e-mail, 13.07.2010 15:23

The underside rear fuselage could hinge down & act a s a loading ramp bringing the fuselage on a flat plane instead of tailsitting. Quitye a neat idea. The line of this ramp can be seen on the 3 view & hinged aprroximately where the rear side door is located.


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