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Junkers Ju 60

The Junkers Ju 60, which first flew in 1932, was a single-engined, low-wing monoplane in the same class as the Lockheed Orion high-speed airliner. Only two Ju 60s were built, but in 1934 an improved version, the Ju 160, made its appearance.

Barry, 15.01.2010 17:33

The model illustrated is the second prototype (Werk Nr 4201) D-2400 (later D-UPAL)powered by a BMW licence built Pratt and Whitney Hornet. By the time this aircraft flew a forward retracting undercarriage had been fitted replacing the fixed undercarriage originally fitted to the first prototype (Werk Nr 4200) D-5, later D-URIM. D-UPAL was delivered to DLH shortly after completion and, named Pfiel (Arrow). It was used as a freighter on proving flights on the Berlin-Vienna-Budapest-Sofia-Salonika-Athens route until the summer of 1933. Subsequently it was converted to carry 6 passengers, as the Ju60cle, and flew on the Berlin-Breslau-Gleiwitz route and subsequently on the Essen-Dusseldorf-Cologne-Frankfurt-Nuremburg-Munich route. It was withdrawn from use in 1936 and transfered to the Luftwaffe where it was used as a liason aircraft at the Rechlin test centre.


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