Airbus A319
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Airbus A319

A shortened fuselage version of the A320 with 124 seats in the standard two-class cabin configuration and a range of up to 6500km with this payload. Maiden flight of the A319 was in August 1995, and this aircraft has been in airline service since the first half of 1996.

Airbus A319

 ENGINE2 x CFM56-5A/B, 98-120kN
    Take-off weight64000-75500 kg141097 - 166450 lb
    Empty weight40300 kg88847 lb
    Payload17900kg39463 lb
    Wingspan34.1 m112 ft 11 in
    Length33.8 m111 ft 11 in
    Height11.8 m39 ft 9 in
    Wing area123 m21323.96 sq ft
    Max. speed0.82M0.82M
    Cruise speed0.72M0.72M
    Range w/max.payload3000 km1864 miles

Matthew smart, 14.06.2012

This appears to be incorrect, from my aviation knowledge of 6 months it is safe to say it is a boeing 757!!

Jake Fairburn, 14.06.2012

I think u will find that Barry knows all GOOO BARRY!!!!

Barry, 03.12.2010

I think you will find the lower photograph is an Airbus A318.

matt, 28.03.2010

Do u know the stall speed or maximum coefficient of lift Airbus A319??

Mark Yeo, 21.04.2008


I am the safety executive for Singapore airline and would like to know the height from the wingtip to the ground for A319, A320, A340, A380 as we are purchasing some ground equipment to service the aircraft. Pls assist. Tks.

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