Macchi M.C.72
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Macchi M.C.72

First flown in June 1931, the MC.72 was a single-seat twin-float seaplane built originally to compete in the 1931 Schneider Trophy Contest. It was unable to take part because of defects in its experimental engine; but development enabled the aircraft to set a world speed record on 10 April 1933 of 682.078km/h, followed by others in the same year and in 1934.

Macchi M.C.72

 ENGINE2 x FIAT A.S.6, 2280kW
    Take-off weight2907 kg6409 lb
    Empty weight2500 kg5512 lb
    Wingspan9.5 m31 ft 2 in
    Length8.2 m27 ft 11 in
    Height3.3 m11 ft 10 in
    Max. speed702 km/h436 mph

pGolay, 11.11.2014

Chpapa, have you scanned the plans by any chance? Like many others' I am sure, I am looking for some accurate and detailed plans for this plane.

thanks, Pascal

Mauro Laurenzi, 03.02.2014

709,209 km/h was the 1934 record as average of 5 passages while the third one was at 711,462 km/h and another not official of 730 kliks made a few month later.....not bad isn't it?

chpapa, 09.02.2011

While working at Alenia in Torino Italy I came across an original blue print of this aircraft in the trash (bottom picture view with engine and structural view. I took it and had it framed, but I was not able to get much information on this plane until I found this web site. Thanks for the information on Vigna di Valle Italian Air Force Museum. I'll be visiting this museum on my next trip to Italy!

Rich LaConte, 11.03.2010

Looking at the design of this machine, one wonders if the floats were jettisoned or replaced by retracting gear, would it have exceeded the present max speed record for a propeller driven plane.

J. Graham, 05.02.2010

I made a trip to Rome. I read of the Vigna di Valle Italian Air Force Museum. I rented a car and drove to Lake Bracciano. I saw the MC-72 and dozens of other wonderful aircraft. Recommend that you study the Museum data. While there be certain to see the Odescalchi Castle and the beautiful medieval city of Anguillara. Lake Bracciano is an extinct volcano crater. Be certain to stay at least two days in the region. It will be unforgettable. I would be pleased to try to answer questions pertaining to this visit.

Steve Knob, 08.03.2009

It's speed record of 682.078km/h (approx. 440 mph!) still stands to this day for a propeller driven float plane

vfktd, 10.02.2009

paper model Macchi M.C.72

миша, 10.02.2009

бумажная модель

Steve Muth, 07.09.2008

Does anyone have cockpit photos of the MC.72 including the seat? Or know where I can get some?

Pedro Valdez, 03.12.2007

Here is a link to a site with a pretty good sound of the MC-72

edik154, 18.07.2007

You can see it in "Museo Storico dell'Aeronautica Militare", Vigna di Valle - Rome).
The color is red.

Bob Williams, 11.05.2007

what color was it ???

DWAYNE BLAKE, 16.11.2006

Do any MC-72 aircraft exist? If so, are they where one can see them?

Do you have any comments about this aircraft ?

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