Founded in 1912 at Varese as Societa Anonima Nieuport- Macchi, specialising in marine aircraft. During First World War built L-1 license-manufactured Lohner L-40 flying-boats, M-3 fighter and M-5 biplane flying-boat, developed into M-7 which won 1921 Schneider Trophy, an achievement repeated by M-39 in 1926. MC.72 floatplane set world airspeed record of 709.19km/h onOctober 23,1933.
Macchi C.200 ''Saetta''
C.200 "Saetta"
Pre-Second World War commercial flying-boats included 12-seat MC.94 and 26-seat MC.100. MC.200 Saetta fighters produced from 1937, developed into MC.202 Falgore, and MC.205 Veltro. Post-war developments included MB.308 two/three-seat cabin monoplane, also built in Argentina by German Bianco SA, MB.320 six-seat light twin and 150 M.416 license-built Fokker S.11 trainers. Joint program with Fiat to build Vampire FB.52As, followed by MB.326 jet trainer, first flown December 10,1957 and later produced also in two-seat and single-seat armed strike trainer forms. Lockheed of U.S.A. acquired shareholding in Aermacchi in 1959. Became known as Aermacchi in 1961.

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C.200 "Saetta"
C.202 Folgore
C.205 Veltro