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Aermacchi MC.94

Designed as a commercial amphibian, the prototype MC.94 flew for the first time in 1935 while powered by two 574kW Wright SGR-1820-F air-cooled radial engines. Accommodation was provided for two pilots in the fully enclosed cockpit, 12 passengers in the cabin with a toilet to the rear, baggage in an aft compartment and marine gear in a nose compartment. The first five production MC.94 (without the retractable wheels of the prototype which swung forward into streamlined casings in the leading edges of the wings) were similarly powered. The only other production aircraft were six similar flying-boats with 596kW Alfa Romeo 126 RC.10 engines. All MC.94 served initially with Ala Littoria.

Aermacchi MC.94

 ENGINE2 x Alfa Romeo 126-R.C.10, 550kW
  Take-off weight8200 kg18078 lb
  Empty weight5350 kg11795 lb
  Wingspan22.8 m75 ft 10 in
  Length16.2 m53 ft 2 in
  Wing area76.0 m2818.06 sq ft
  Max. speed292 km/h181 mph
  Cruise speed250 km/h155 mph
  Ceiling6000 m19700 ft

Barry, 05.09.2016 18:21

So what's the difference between the MC.94 and the MC.94 noted elsewhere?


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