Macchi M.39


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Macchi M.39

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 ENGINE1 x 600hp Fiat AS-2
  Take-off weight1572 kg3466 lb
  Empty weight1257 kg2771 lb
  Wingspan9.26 m30 ft 5 in
  Length6.73 m22 ft 1 in
  Height2.97 m10 ft 9 in
  Max. speed439 km/h273 mph

Barry, 05.09.2016 18:01

Designed by Mario Castoldi for the 1926 Schneider trophy race, there were five M.39's built three racers plus two trainers. There was also one static airframe. The specification above is for the trainer version the racer having an 800 h.p. Fiat A.S.2 engine.
On 17th November 1926 Major Mario Bernadini won the Scheider Trophy at Hampton Roads Virginia at a speed of 246.497 mph. Three days later at thesame venue he claimed the absolute world air speed record of 258.874 mph. Castoldi based the later M.52 on the M.39.


carlo, e-mail, 27.10.2013 16:26

il pilota Silvio Borra perchŤ precipitÚ nel lago di Varese cn un M 39?


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