Piaggio P.136
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Piaggio P.136

More than 80 P.136 five-seat light amphibians were built as one of the company's first post-war products, 23 of which were supplied to the Italian Air Force for use as flying-boat trainers and for air-sea rescue duties.

 ENGINE2 x Avco Lycoming GSO-480, 254kW
    Take-off weight2995 kg6603 lb
    Empty weight2110 kg4652 lb
    Wingspan13.53 m44 ft 5 in
    Length10.8 m35 ft 5 in
    Height3.83 m13 ft 7 in
    Wing area25.1 m2270.17 sq ft
    Max. speed335 km/h208 mph
    Ceiling7800 m25600 ft
    Range1450 km901 miles

Will OConnor, 29.01.2015

There is a Piaggio Royal Gull at the Vintage Flying Museum in Fort Worth, Texas that is slowly being restored to fly. We are still looking for hubs and some other little things.

Professor Taimor Nawaz MD, 08.09.2012

Flew on many occasions with my father on P136 LI and subsequently in P 136 L2 owned by the East Pakistan Government. My father flew these aircrafts over few thousand hours all over East Pakistan/Bangladesh with extensive operation on water.
It did not quite have the performance of G44 A widgeon with GO 480 engines.

mikie, 25.10.2010

Approx 3 years ago, saw a P-136, canadian registered being repaired at Norland Air Services, monck Rd, Norland< Ontarioi.
Went back a few days later with camera and plane was gone--maybe someone at air service could give u name of owner or whereabouts of plane.

Eric, 22.12.2009

anyone know where I can find a 3-view of this plane? I would love to build an rc model of it!

C. Donald Albin, 14.08.2008

Go to the web site www.p-136.com and see a beautiful example of one that is still flying today.

Andypilot333, 06.07.2008

to Lukluk.............
The P.136 in the picture is the earlier P.136F model which preceeded the squared-off fin 136L's.

kostas nicolopoulos, 23.09.2007

Piaggio P.136L-2 with serial 246 and registered in Greece as SX-BDC has been owned by Olympic from 1967 till 22-1-1973 when it crashed at Hellinikon airport killing Alexander Onassis. photo here: http://koti.welho.com/msolanak/vint_piaggio.html

Lukluk, 02.07.2007

is it the prototype??, different fin and rudder to production models,, any other photos?


Thomas F. Saal, 20.02.2007

Is the P.136 the same type in which Alexander Onassis was fatally injured?

Carlo Tripodi, 08.01.2007

Do you have info about the use of this aircraft on the route Napoli-Capri? Thank you, Carlo Tripodi

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