Piaggio P.148
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Piaggio P.148

In September 1950 Piaggio began development of the P.148 primary trainer and in less than six months the prototype had been certificated. Production examples became standard trainers with the Italian Air Force.

Piaggio P.148A three-view drawing (900 x 603)

 ENGINE1 x Avco Lycoming O-435-A, 142kW
    Take-off weight1280 kg2822 lb
    Empty weight876 kg1931 lb
    Wingspan11.12 m37 ft 6 in
    Length8.44 m28 ft 8 in
    Height2.4 m8 ft 10 in
    Wing area18.85 m2202.90 sq ft
    Max. speed234 km/h145 mph
    Ceiling5000 m16400 ft
    Range925 km575 miles

Gianluca, 13.09.2013

E' stato il velivolo con cui ho avuto il battesimo dell'aria e ho pilotato per la prima volta a doppio comando!!! Correva l'anno 1973 e avevo 17 anni. Il P148 faceva parte di uno stormo dell'aeronautica militare italiana con cui facevano corsi di cultura aronautica

douglas dorrian, 16.01.2011

What a stunning aircraft! Is it possible to purchase plans? I would like to consider building one of these beauties.Thanks dougie

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