Piaggio P.16


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Piaggio P.16

The Piaggio P.16 three-engine heavy bomber of 1934 was distinguished by a thick-section semi-elliptical wing set at shoulder height, and of inverted gull configuration. Defensive armament comprised four 7.62mm machine-guns located in the wing leading edge, in a retractable dorsal turret and in the rear fuselage beneath the high-positioned single fin and rudder. Largely of metal construction, the P.16 had retractable main landing gear units and a non-retractable tailwheel with a spat-type fairing. The bomb-aimer's compartment was located in the underside of the fuselage, just behind the central engine.

 ARMAMENT4 x 7.62mm machine-guns

Barry, 01.06.2016 13:05

An order for 12 was made and then cancelled in favour of the Piaggio P.32.

Power plant 3 x 700 h.p. Piaggio Stella P.IX RC.40 9 cylinder air cooled radials

Span 72'2" Length 43'9" Height 11'6" Wing area 753 sq ft
Gross weight 18,590 lb

Maximum speed 248 mph @ 10,000 ft
Range 1,242 miles


Stratomunchkin, 05.06.2009 16:53

And what were its technical specifications? The bomb load, for example?


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