Piaggio P.166


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Piaggio P.166

Thirty-two examples of the P.166 twin-engined light transport were produced together with 51 P.166M general-purpose military counterparts (for the Italian Air Force); five P.166B Portofinos; two P.166Cs; 20 P.166S radar-equipped search, surveillance and coastal-patrol aircraft (for the South African Air Force as the Albatross); and four P.166-DL2s.

The last version was the ten-seat P.166-DL3 powered by two 438kW Avco Lycom-ing LTP 101-600 turboprop engines, first flown on 3 July 1976.

Piaggio P.166A three-view drawing (1740 x 892)

 ENGINE2 x Avco Lycoming LTP 101-600, 447kW
  Take-off weight4300 kg9480 lb
  Loaded weight2650 kg5842 lb
  Wingspan14.69 m48 ft 2 in
  Length11.88 m39 ft 0 in
  Height5 m16 ft 5 in
  Wing area26.56 m2285.89 sq ft
  Max. speed400 km/h249 mph
  Ceiling8840 m29000 ft
  Range2035 km1265 miles

sven, 03.01.2017 02:02

An unmistakable aircraft in the air. It sounded like no other.


frank, e-mail, 24.11.2012 16:27

i experienced an accident in 80'while flying over the horn of africa.the 2th pilot playing a crossfeed,mistakely closed fuel to the left engine,thus starting a three-axis change on flight path.speed and fl 150.the aircraft performed very nice,so i can notice you today.


Barry, 05.07.2010 16:47

Two models were converted to PD1 standard by fitting P&W PT6A 121 trbo prop engines


Andrew Spring, e-mail, 01.01.2009 23:45

Some technical info can be found at www.p166.com


Micaela Wardell, e-mail, 06.12.2006 20:18

I am doing a report on this engine and was curious if you happen to know the total oil quantity, total compression per stage and the N1 and N2 operating RPMs. Also if there is a link to a picture of the engine itself.
If so I would greatly appreciate this information.
Thank You.


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