Piaggio P.23


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Piaggio P.23

Built to fly the North Atlantic, with potential for development as a commercial transport, the Piaggio P.23 had inverted-gull shoulder-mounted wings and was powered by four 671kW Isotta Fraschini Asso XI R V-12 engines mounted in tandem pairs and driving two tractor and two pusher propellers. It had retractable main landing gear units and twin fins and rudders. A distinctive feature was the 'avion marin' boat-type hull underside to the fuselage, intended to assist in an emergency if the aircraft had to alight on the sea.

Maximum take-off weight was 18,400kg and maximum speed a claimed 400km/h; at a cruising speed of 300km/h its range was estimated to be 5100km. However, no transatlantic flight was made and the aircraft was dismantled soon after its appearance in 1935.

 ENGINE4 x Isotta-Fraschini Asso XI R, 671kW
  Take-off weight18400 kg40565 lb
  Max. speed400 km/h249 mph
  Range5100 km3169 miles

Marco Riva, e-mail, 30.08.2010 20:10

It was dismantled because it crashed during trials.


Stratomunchkin, 05.06.2009 16:54

Italian brilliance... building such a capable plane - then dismantling it!


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