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Piaggio P.3

The Piaggio P.3 Pegna-designed night bomber of 1923 was a two-bay biplane with the lower wing of greater span than the upper. The biplane tail unit incorporated triple fins and rudders, and four 149kW S.P.A. 6A engines were mounted in tandem pairs on the lower wing, driving two tractor and two pusher propellers. Pilot and co-pilot were seated side-by-side in an open cockpit ahead of the wings, and there were gunner's cockpits in the nose and amidships, the rear gunner also operating a tunnel gun for ventral defence. At a later stage two 306kW Fiat A.20V engines were installed but the P.3 was not accepted by the Regia Aeronautica for quantity production.

 ENGINE4 x S.P.A. 6A, 149kW
  Wingspan24 m79 ft 9 in
  Max. speed185 km/h115 mph

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