I.A.R. 14
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I.A.R. 14

Although the Aeronautica Militara in 1934 selected the P.Z.L. P.11 for the re-equipment of its fighter element, a small series of I.A.R.14s was also ordered that year for evaluation purposes. Flown in 1933, the I.A.R.14 was essentially similar to the I.A.R.13, but reverted to the Lorraine 12Eb engine, which, while inferior to the HS 12Mc for fighter installation, had the advantage of being licence-built by I.A.R. Apart from the engine change, the fuselage of the I.A.R.14 was redesigned. The turnover pylon was incorporated in a fairing aft of the cockpit, shorter-span, broad-chord ailerons were introduced, the vertical tail was redesigned and the span of the horizontal surfaces was increased, their inverted- Vee type bracing struts giving place to parallel struts. Armament remained the standard pair of 7.7mm Vickers guns. Twenty I.A.R.14s delivered to the Aeronautica Militara in 1934 were utilised, after service evaluation, in the fighter training role.

I.A.R. 14A three-view drawing (1280 x 830)

    Take-off weight1540 kg3395 lb
    Empty weight1150 kg2535 lb
    Wingspan11.70 m38 ft 5 in
    Length7.32 m24 ft 0 in
    Height2.50 m8 ft 2 in
    Wing area19.80 m2213.13 sq ft
    Max. speed294 km/h183 mph

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