Ilyushin-Berijev A-50
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Ilyushin-Berijev A-50

An AEW plane based on IL-76MD transport plane. Entered service in 1984.

Ilyushin-Berijev A-50A three-view drawing (752 x 1142)

    Take-off weight190000 kg418880 lb
    Wingspan50.50 m166 ft 8 in
    Length46.59 m153 ft 10 in
    Cruise speed750 km/h466 mph
    Ceiling10000 m32800 ft
    Range7500 km4660 miles

, 20.06.2011

Ilyushin-Berijev A-50

lucas boaventura, 13.03.2011

é maneiro

DebtMan, 16.10.2010

is a great planeˇ

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