Tupolev ANT-14 Pravda


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Tupolev ANT-14 Pravda

The one-off ANT-14 Pravda, which served as flagship of the propaganda squadron, was an enlargement of the ANT-9, powered by five 358kW Jupiter radials and capable of carrying a crew of five and 36 passengers at a maximum 236km/h. It spanned 40.40m as against the 23.80m of the ANT-9. Pravda carried over 40,000 passengers before being grounded in 1941.

Tupolev ANT-14 PravdaA three-view drawing (592 x 711)

 ENGINE5 x Gnome et Rhone "Jupiter" 9AKK,
  Take-off weight17146 kg37801 lb
  Empty weight10650 kg23479 lb
  Wingspan40.4 m133 ft 7 in
  Length26.5 m87 ft 11 in
  Height5.4 m18 ft 9 in
  Wing area240.0 m22583.34 sq ft
  Max. speed236 km/h147 mph
  Cruise speed195 km/h121 mph
  Ceiling4220 m13850 ft
  Range1200 km746 miles

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