Mikoyan/Gurevich Ye-50


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Mikoyan/Gurevich Ye-50

In 1954, the MiG OKB began to investigate the potential of a mixed-power, short-range point defence interceptor as a variation of the Ye-2, the result being designated Ye-50. Designed around a Tumansky AM-9Ye (RD-9Ye) turbojet with an afterburning thrust of 3800kg and a Dushkin S-155 bi-fuel rocket motor of 1300kg, the first of three prototypes, the Ye-50/1, flew on 9 January 1956. It began trials with the rocket motor on 8 June 1956. A year later, on 17 June 1957, the second prototype, the Ye-50/2, attained a speed of Mach=2.33 and an altitude of 25600m. The Ye-50/2 introduced some modifications to the rear fuselage and vertical tail, and the Ye-50/3 featured a lengthened fuselage nose and increased internal fuel. This last prototype was lost during flight test when its vertical tail detached. The Gor'kiy factory was ordered to build a batch of 20 aircraft, which, powered by the AM-11 engine and S-155 rocket, were to be designated Ye-50A. These were intended for operational evaluation, but none of them was built owing to a lack of rocket motors, the Dushkin OKB having meanwhile closed down.

  Take-off weight8500 kg18739 lb
  Wingspan8.11 m27 ft 7 in
  Length13.62 m45 ft 8 in
  Height21.00 m69 ft 11 in
  Max. speed2460 km/h1529 mph
  Ceiling23000 m75450 ft
  Range450 km280 miles

Grant Hartlage, e-mail, 13.12.2017 19:56

Do you have any information about the mass of the rocket engine and its associated tankage? I would like to see if an R-5 first stage and a Mikoyan /Gurevich Ye-50 rocket powerplant second stage could put small satellites into orbit, as part of an alternate history. I have the rocket's specific impulse, thrust, and burn time, which is everything else I need to know.


Bj, e-mail, 22.03.2011 21:24



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