Mikoyan/Gurevich Ye-8
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Mikoyan/Gurevich Ye-8

During 1961, the MiG OKB initiated work on an upgraded fighter based on the basic MiG-21PF airframe and referred to contemporaneously as the MiG-23. Assigned the OKB designation Ye-8, it featured a bifurcated ventral air intake for the R-21F engine, which, developed by N Metskhvarishvili, was rated at 4500kg and 7000kg with afterburning. A variable-incidence canard spanning 2.60m was fitted - this having been earlier tested by a Ye-6T - and it was proposed to install Sapfir 21 radar to accompany an armament of two K-13 AAMs. The first of two prototypes, the Ye-8/1, was flown on 17 April 1962, followed on 29 June by the Ye-8/2. On 11 September, the R-21F engine of the Ye-8/1 exploded at Mach=1.7 at 10000m. It was subsequently ascertained that the sixth compressor stage fan had penetrated the engine casing and had then continued on to destroy the starboard aileron. At this time, the Ye-8/2 had effected 13 flights, but the programme was abandoned.

Mikoyan/Gurevich Ye-8

    Take-off weight8200 kg18078 lb
    Wingspan7.15 m23 ft 5 in
    Length14.90 m49 ft 11 in
    Wing area23.13 m2248.97 sq ft
    Max. speed2230 km/h1386 mph
    Ceiling20000 m65600 ft

Mikoyan/Gurevich Ye-8A three-view drawing (1675 x 1070)

Mikoyan/Gurevich Ye-8

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dalhats laudzafata avicena, 04.01.2014

But i think mig ye 8 body is smiliar mig 21,and the canard reminds me with the eurofighter thyphoon.

Dalhats Laudzafata Avicena, 19.12.2013

Yes,its like an yf-107 with the intake move to bottom.

charlesAllen, 09.05.2012

Excellent plane design,reminds me of the north american aircraft's expermental jet f-107a simliar air intake and around the same era

pkpatriot, 30.03.2012

If only they had furthered the development the world might be different

Gepard, 16.11.2011

The Ye-8 was intendet for mass production as MiG-23. But engine problems delayed the program. The soviets had not had an other engine of the wished thrust which fitted into the Ye-8, so the program was canceled in favor of the MiG-23 swing wing design.
If you look to the "Projekt 33" from 80th, then the Ye-8 was reborn as a mixture of Ye-8 and F-16. The chinese FC-1 is the successor of this development line.

jorge castiblanco, 27.09.2011

aun se ve muy moderno este avion lastima que los rusos no hubieran seguido su desarrollo es muy parecido al eurofighter typhoon yo no se como hicieron para no enredarse con tanto relojito

BURK, 11.05.2011

its not imitation, this was FAR before the f-16, when convair was still building bombers and before general dynamics had even developed the f-111, the f-15 looks like the mig-25 because that was the best layout for that mission role, the f-15 was not a copy at all but a complete misunderstanding of the foxbats role, and based on wild perceptions the US had about it. and when you look at them side by side they look nothing alike, things like this, the concord and the tu-144, the shuttle and the buran, etc, only look similar if you dont pay attention to the details

Fireclown, 14.03.2011

Imitation is the highest form of flattery

Todd, 07.12.2010

Well looks like the Brits and French took this fighter idea and made the Euro Fighter with it. Funny how we would say the Soviets were copying us but we do the same look at the McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle it is essentially a copy of the Mig-25 Foxbat just with better maneuverability and better weapons load. Everybody copy's everybody else and complains when it looks like theirs.

Nikos J. Farsaris, 15.05.2010

Mikoyan E-8 (in russian Ye-8)

was an experimental fightr (interceptor actually) may not intended to be in production.

A test subject as many X-fighters in USA

The tandem triplne (Canard Wing Stabilisers)
are enough to cosider this as a super performer
but also a difficult plane to fly. (by 1960 standards).

Tandem triplane also were used in Su-37 Su-47 (Foward swet wing) None of them in production.

Tandem triplale is dificult to fly even with modern diital Fly-by-ligt systems.

Landa, 26.04.2010

I found this aircraft very resemblant to the Chinese Chengdu J-10, and pretty enough for a 60's aircraft. Although, it actually looks like crap.

Xenostrike 06, 28.11.2009

Il-76 is a copy of Globemaster... what teh hell ... IL-76 flown faaar before anything called "C-17 Globemaster" born..when that Globemaster born in 1991..IL-76 production already reached some 600 aircrafts.

now it's obvious who lacked the brain capacity here... if you still wish Copy to Copy stuff... try something better like C-141 iiIi<

Nikos J. Farsaris., 07.09.2009

Think about the dates again! 1 9 6 1 ! Then USSR was looking for a much more capable aircraft. Mikoyan-Gurevitch OKB was occupied on MiG 23/27 variable geometry wing fighter bomber studies and the MIG-25 This was a real fighter that frightened NATO. YE-8 after all was an experimental aircraft (a modification of Mig -21) like delta winged F-16 modifications that never got in production or a 2.8 Mach modification of RF-4E Phantom (SR-71 was ready at the time so was Mig 25)

TheBluewaterII, 04.09.2009

I do miss the comment saying that this a/c is a copy of the Eurofighter! Too many people are always saying things like this while proving nothing but low brain efficiency. Look at the Il-76: "copy of Globemaster"...

jack elo, 19.06.2009

Instead of upgrading existing fighters, the russians should put money into new fighters with stealth capabilities along the lines of the F-22.Examples of such fighters are the MiG 1.44 and Su-47 that might actually stand a chance against the F-22.

jack elo, 19.06.2009

Instead of upgrading existing fighters, the russians should put money into new fighters with stealth capabilities along the lines of the F-22.Examples of such fighters are the MiG 1.44 and Su-47 that might actually stand a chance against the F-22.

Nikos J. Farsaris, 03.05.2009

And I agree with Ross,
but think about the dates! Soviets had in had MiG 23/27 with the same performance and much greater range-load and MiG-25 a trisonic Interceptor/ Reconn/Strategic bomber. They already had about 10-12000 light fighters (Mig-21) so another one was of no use.

Hint ... Chinese J-10 was acutally built of E-8 as fas as J-8 was built on Soviet E-150/152 residual studies...

ross, 12.03.2009

I agree with Mixofal, it's a combination between F-16,Eurofughter Thypoon, MiG-21 (the basic aircraft form/airframe) and MiG-23/27 in term of foldable ventral fin. I wonder why Soviet government (at that time) didn't make this modification a definitive fighter aircraft ?

Nikos J. Farsaris, 08.01.2009

In my comment the engine is -ostensibly - wrong R-21 is the correct designation

Nikos J. Farsaris, 08.01.2009

This was the predeccessor of F-16! (Xenostrike is correct it was a modification of MiG-21 with Saphire radar, and R-13 engine)
It was an modification - one of many - that eventually led to MiG-23/27 family

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