Mikoyan/Gurevich DIS (MiG-5)
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Mikoyan/Gurevich DIS (MiG-5)

Assigned the Izdeliye (Product) designation T, the design of a DIS {Dalniy istrebitel soprovozhdenya), or long-range escort fighter, began in 1940, competing proposals being the Grushin Gr-1, Polikarpov TIS and Tairov Ta-3. The MiG DIS-200 was designed initially for Charomskii M-30 or M-40 engines, but the non-availability of these led to installation of two 1400hp Mikulin AM-37 12-cylinder Vee-type engines in the first prototype, which had an armament of two 12.7mm BS and four 7.62mm ShKAS machine guns, plus one 23mm VYa cannon in a detachable ventral pod which could be replaced by a single 1000kg bomb or a torpedo. Ground tests began on 15 May 1941, and the first flight took place before the end of the month. Series production of the DIS (as the MiG-5) was ordered, but cancelled shortly afterwards owing to lack of manufacturing capacity. Nonetheless, a second prototype, also referred to as the DIS-200, but assigned the Izdeliye designation IT, was flown in January 1942 with 1700hp Shvetsov M-82F 14-cylinder radials. This had an armament of four 7.62mm ShKAS and two 12.7mm BS machine guns and two 23mm VYa cannon, a maximum speed of 604km/h at 5000m, attaining that altitude within 6.3 min and having a range of 2500km. The primary VVS requirement at this stage of the conflict was short-range tactical aircraft, and further DIS development was discontinued.

Mikoyan/Gurevich DIS (MiG-5)

 MODELDIS (first prototype)
    Take-off weight8060 kg17769 lb
    Empty weight6140 kg13536 lb
    Wingspan15.10 m50 ft 6 in
    Length10.87 m36 ft 8 in
    Height3.40 m11 ft 2 in
    Wing area38.90 m2418.72 sq ft
    Max. speed610 km/h379 mph
    Range2280 km1417 miles

Mikoyan/Gurevich DIS (MiG-5)A three-view drawing (1673 x 1160)

NHschreiner, 24.10.2016

Anybody have balsa model plans for this plane

Dalhats Laudzafata Avicena, 06.04.2014

Good aircraft, but saddly, they discontinued this project.

Thalb, 30.11.2011

With the originally planned engines, this might have become the only fighter aircraft with Diesel engines ever!
Nevertheless an interesting aircraft, and as a long-range fighter-bomber it would have been very useful - especially for the USSR with its vast territory.

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