Mikoyan/Gurevich Ye-152(P)
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With the availability of the R-15-300 engine in acceptable form for fighter installation, the MiG OKB built two further prototypes of the Ye-152 with a single turbojet of this type supplanting the paired R-11F-300s of the Ye-152A. Retaining the systems of the Ye-152A, the Ye-152/1 and /2 were powered by the R-15-300 rated at 6890kg and boosted to 10210kg with afterburning. A larger delta wing swept back to 53 47' on the leading edge was fitted, and the tips terminated in launchers for two K-9 AAMs. Equipped with Uragan 5B, the Ye-152/1 flew for the first time on 16 May 1961, and in the course of the following flight test programme, the Ye-152/2 attained 2740km/h and an altitude of 22500m, Mach=2.28 being recorded at 18000m with two K-9 missiles. Continuing development of the basic design resulted in the construction of two more prototypes, the first of these joining the test programme early in 1961 as the Ye-152P. Fitted with more sophisticated intercept and navigation equipment, the Ye-152P had a deeper and broader dorsal fairing substantially increasing internal fuel capacity and was intended to be fitted with an 3.50m canard surface which was to be free-floating at subsonic speeds and locked at supersonic speeds. In the event, this canard was not fitted. Development of the Ye-152 series of interceptors was stopped as a result of the OKB 's preoccupation with the Ye-155P (MiG-25P), but the remaining prototype was completed for high-speed research as the Ye-152M with an R-15B-300 engine providing an afterburning thrust of 10210kg. This aircraft established (as the Ye-166) an absolute speed record over a 100km closed-circuit of 2601km/h on 7 October 1961, and an absolute speed record of 2681km/h on 7 July 1962.


    Take-off weight14350 kg31637 lb
    Empty weight10900 kg24031 lb
    Wingspan8.79 m29 ft 10 in
    Length19.66 m65 ft 6 in
    Height42.02 m138 ft 10 in
    Max. speed2510 km/h1560 mph
    Ceiling22670 m74400 ft
    Range w/max.fuel1470 km913 miles

Ye-152PA three-view drawing of Ye-152P (1665 x 1048)

It stinks, 28.02.2017


comment, 28.02.2017


BobTheDog, 09.08.2014

IMHO, its the enlarged spine, like the MiG-21Bis, that aesthetically, makes the difference in aerodynamic lines. Would like to see what one equipped with the definitive version of the otherwise trouble-ridden and thrust-deficient, R-15, the R-15BF-2-300, might have done. Might even have been a "Blackbird-catcher"!!

bombardier, 12.10.2011

I wish i could see this plane fighting an F-4 Phantom.

Soeren, 27.04.2009

A very big MiG and my favourite one!
I agree, that would be fine, to build a scale model of this or other prototypes.

bartdebhunt@comcast.net, 09.12.2006

Very cool aircraft! Too bad that nobody offers a 1/48 scale model of it and the other
Mig prototypes of that time.

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